Must Have List for a Great Party

Are you thinking about holding a party? A reason to party can pop up at a moment’s notice, and it is best that you be prepared for it by putting together a must have list for a great party. A comfortable house party typically has 20 to 50 people moving around the venue. Once you have an estimated figure in mind, send out your invitations and have the following items on hand to throw a smashing party in no time. A great option to plan your party is enlisting the help of party rentals. They have a multitude of rentals available to make your party a success.


The type and amount of decor you need depends on the type of party and the space requirements. However, there are a few standard items that you can keep on hand, like streamers, latex balloons, and ribbons.

Plates, cups, bowls, cutlery and serving bar

You will need a substantial number of disposable cutlery, cups, bowls and plates on hand. They should be enough for a larger crowd than expected in order to save yourself the trouble of cleaning dishes after everyone has left. If you plan to prepare a meal for your guests, you should have some big bowls for holding chips and pretzels and large platters for fruit and veggies.

Food and Dessert

Irrespective of the number of people you are expecting, you will probably have to feed them. If you are not a very good cook or there is no time, you can ask one of your friends to prepare a meal, and/or order some food. It is advisable to stick to one kind of cuisine, two starters, one or two vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, two main course dishes, and possibly two desserts. You can have a few cans of shredded chicken to prepare sandwiches, chips, and frozen meatballs. Collect a few take-out menus for places that deliver good food on time. Your choices for dessert include cakes, cookies, and pies which are easy to bake and freeze.


You can identify your guests’ preferences for alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, and stock the bar accordingly. The usual ones include beer, wine, soda, punch, tea and bottled water.


Play Hangman Bingo At Your Western Theme Party

Planning an old west theme party and looking for a fun game to play to pull all of your guests in? Play a few rounds of Wild West Hangman Bingo. This version of Bingo was created specifically for a western theme party and blends the classic games of Bingo and Hangman into a single fun activity!

Hangman Bingo is best played with fewer participants, although it can be adapted for larger groups by breaking the individual participants into sections that are working on the same word in the Hangman portion of the activity. The required ages for this game would depend on the words that you are choosing for the Hangman portion of the game (i.e. just make sure that your words are appropriate to the ages of the participants.)

Facilitating a game of Hangman Bingo involves incorporating rounds of Hangman into the actual Bingo game as the spaces are called out. Begin by drawing your Hangman diagram in the usual way on a large dry erase board or sheet of butcher paper (just making sure that the size is large enough for all participants to see.) Make sure that you also establish and communicate to your players how ‘far’ your Hangman game will go (i.e. head, body, arms, hands and feet… or more.) Include the blank dashes for the word to guess in the standard Hangman fashion (choosing an old west term or concept is suggested to keep with the theme.)

Bingo is played with the standard Bingo rules. Spaces are called out one at a time while players are marking their game boards according to the spaces called. When a player marks a row of spaces across, down or diagonal on their boards, they can call out Bingo and get to choose one letter for the game of Hangman being played. Once that letter is called out and marked on the Hangman board, Bingo continues using the SAME boards. Once the first Bingo is called out, it’s likely that other Bingos will not be far behind so be listening for the first to call out each time. Every player who calls out Bingo gets to choose a letter for Hangman in the order they shout it out.


Top Creative Party Effects: Using a Mobile Bar

Whenever you need to host a party, it is always of your best interest to impress guests. You’d like the occasion to be as perfect as possible that you make sure you have everything well taken care of before the party even begins. However, aside from food and drinks to serve, sound systems, and location, you also need to consider the decorations to use.

Decorations make the set appear more engaging. However, over spending on decorations is no longer wise as they are most likely disposable. Unless you run an events planning business or you hold parties very often, you should avoid spending much for decorations.

If you are considering adding decorations or an accent to your upcoming party, a mobile bar for hire might just be what you need. It is not only attractive but functional as well.

A mobile bar comes in a variety of styles, materials, and sizes. It is also often available in sections making it flexible to use on different occasions and on sets with limited space. You may want to know a few things about its types when planning to include them on your list of decorations for the upcoming celebration.

Straight portable bars are the most common form. They are a good add-on to almost any event because of their simplicity. Most straight bars come with a single colour, although customized ones are available upon request from the event furniture provider. They are the easiest to match to almost every party setting.


Online Party Stores – Perk Up the Festive Mood Without Going Bankrupt

What makes birthdays so special? Is it blowing candles, or simply receiving loads of attention and gifts? Although the answer varies from one person to another, one thing remains the same – a grand birthday bash. Whether you’re 5 or 50, your friends and relatives never stop showering blessings on you. Cakes, candles, cards, good food and gifts – there are so many things to make you feel special on that auspicious day. Although adults may sacrifice on a thing or two, that’s not applicable for kids.

Every kid looks forward to his/her birthday – a day of joy, celebration, fun and “no studies”. As parents, it’s your responsibility to make sure that the party is as grand and exciting as your kid has looked up to. Else, you might end up disappointing your child as well as the invited guests to the party. It’s worth remembering that a kid’s party is completely different from an adult’s birthday party. From lighting system and decorations to food and drinks. Again, if it’s a girl’s birthday bash, you must include things like dolls, play houses, story books, magical wands, life-size wings, bracelets and so on. Needless to say, you must pay special heed to the decorations and party supplies. Remember, quality of your decorations and arrangements makes or mars the mood of the occasion.

Before the arrival of online stores, buying essentials for parties was a taxing job indeed. It called for a lot of time and physical labor to hunt through different stores and find the things they’re looking for. Thanks to modern technology and online shops, buying party essentials has never been this easier. All you need is a computer/laptop, a reliable broadband connection and of course a credit/debit card. These days, a lot of stores offer ‘cash on delivery’ as well. Nevertheless, the process isn’t that simple either.


Make Your Parties Special With a Photo Booth

Hosting a party is not easy. It requires a lot of time, effort and creativity to make a party stand out in every aspect, as well as entertain your guests in every possible way. You need to pay close attention to the menu, create and send out invitations and pick options for fun activities to keep everyone happy. Of course, you can always hire a caterer for food and a local graphic arts company to deal with the invitation design, but what about the activities. If you are looking for a unique and new way to keep your guests occupied for a long time, then renting a photo booth can prove to be an amazing option. You can make your parties special, without having to put forth any additional effort.

A photo booth is an exciting way to take and share photos. The concept is similar to the old style, compact photo booths that you used to see on market streets and on the boardwalk at the seashore some time ago. This is exactly what modern do, but with some twists and much more sophistication.

How To Shop For A Photo Booth

First of all, it is important to understand that not all photo booths are created in the same manner. There are a large variety of booths that you will find in the market, categorized under different price ranges and qualities. Here are some factors that you must keep in mind when shopping for for your party.

Appearance: Make sure you know how a typical booth should look. Most party rentals provide clear pictures of photo booths in the catalog on their website so people can have a clear understanding of the product.

Function: Each company has its own special feature to make their photo booth stand out from competitors. Determine your needs in terms of functionality and what’s available with particular models. This provides only the best equipment, including a high resolution Canon DSLR camera, a top of the line dye sublimation printer, professional lighting system, touch screen monitor, 19″ LCD exterior monitor, and proprietary photo booth software. There is a choice of clean and crisp white background or open air background, a real time slideshow on an exterior monitor, personalized photo strips with text, graphics, logos or artwork, classic photo strip and other non-traditional layouts. There is the choice between color and black and white photos as well as the ability to print instantly.